Our Incredibooty™ Waist Trimmer enables permnanent beautification in the shape of the body (specifically the waist, abs, hips, and back), producing the hour glass body shape-like effect for women and men of all fitness levels. This product is made from the highest quality of Neoprene fabric that is latex free. Neoprene, an insulating material, increases sweating, encourages fat loss, and aides in waist shaping and/or reduction. 


Our premium waist reducing and shaping belt is also discrete enough to use in public and small enough to carry around on the go. You can either wear it above your clothing or wear it directly on the skin depending on your convenience. You can even wear it while doing your regular activities such as watching TV or doing household chores. It is also safe & very comfortable enough to wear at bed time. Studies have shown it can help burn calories while you're sleeping.


Our trimmer is specifically for anyone that is:


  • Recovering from postpartum weight retention
  • In need of lower back support or suffering from lower back pain
  • Fitness enthusiasts working for more defined and visible adombinal muscles
  • The remarkably busy everyday average person with limited time or ability to workout consistently


My Incredibooty™ Waist Trimmer:

  • Supports the lower back for any type of heavy lifting
  • Comfortable for bed time, shopping & doing household chores
  • Aides in helping reduce stubborn fat around the obliques, lower back,  & abdominal area
  • Protects and helps prevents injury on the job
  • Helps shed excess water weight and toxins through sweating
  • Encourages abdominal muscles to be more visibly defined and toned
  • Spot trains stubborn stomach, waist  and lower back fat all at once
  • Is comfortable enough for travel, sitting in your car/office, and/or sleeping.


For more immediate results, please consider purchasing this product as a package with our Incredibooty™ Steam High Performance Sweat Gel > Click Here


***For maximum results it is highly recommed that you combine use of this product with a healthy & balanced lifestyle along with a nutrtional and regular excercise program. I offer these services as well. You can learn more > Here.


Incredibooty™ Waist Trimmer

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