Amplify your weight loss goals and body shaping results with our Incredibooty ™ STEAM High Performance Sweat Gel while wearing our Incredibooty ™ Waist Trimmer and Body Shaper by combining them to achieve your ultimate ideal physique expeditiously.


Our high performance fat burning gel:


Comes in two distinctive scents: 

  • Green Tea - Which offers a refreshing and relieving aroma of mint and fresh herbs
  • Paprika - Which offers off a vibrant and sweet fragrance of similar to cinnamon or spicy peppers.


Incredibooty™ STEAM High Performance Sweat Gel is easy and quick to apply by gently massaging the gel repeatedly into your skin on the desired area of the body for 5-15 minutes before working out or applying our waist trimmer or body shaper to achieve desired results.


Our product:


  • Opens pores to sweat more which releases excess water weight and toxins.
  • Eliminate the appearance of cellulite and burn away unwanted fat cells over time
  • Accelerates warm-up and recovery time before and after workouts
  • Fights muscle fatigue


Our Incredibooty™ Steam High Sweat Performance Gel was specifically designed for anyone that wants to:
  • Take the inches off the waist
  • Melt fat off their torso and midsection
  • Release excess water weight and toxins more under their Incredibooty™ Waist Trimmer and Incredibooty™ Body Shaper
  • Smell good while they're sweating in the gym


For more immediate results, please consider purchasing this product as a package with our Incredibooty™ Waist Trimmer and Body Shaper > Click Here


***For maximum results it is highly recommed that you combine use of this product with a healthy & balanced lifestyle along with a nutrtional and regular excercise program. I offer these services as well. You can learn more > Here.

Incredibooty™ STEAM High Performance Sweat Gel

Gel Scent
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