Our Incredibooty™ Body Shaper helps control and slim your entire waistline, abdominal/midsection, and both your upper and lower back while perking up the breasts. It has been designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout through burning fat and expedited calorie burning. The scientific design comprised of a layer of neoprene fabric embedded with bio-ceramic material helps to boost the effectiveness of any workout and the compression features can also help you correct posture, relive back pain, and aid in injury prevention.


The zipper closure and wide straps offer a comfortable, flexible, and breathable fit along with a thoughtfully designed waist belt portion that can give you a slimmer hourglass silhouette over time. The open-bust design also allows you to wear your own bra with it. You can wear the Incredibooty™ Body Shaper while exercising, during sports, in the sauna, or even wear it at home while performing daily tasks.


Our Incredibooty™ Body Shaper is the superior solution for women that are:

  • Training to acquire muscles in the abdomen, obliques, full back, and perk up breast

  • Recovering from postpartum

  • Suffering from back pain

  • The remarkably busy everyday super woman with limited time or ability to workout consistently


For more immediate results, please consider purchasing this product as a package with our Incredibooty™ Steam High Performance Sweat Gel > Click Here


***For maximum results it is highly recommend that you combine use of this product with a healthy & balanced lifestyle along with a nutritional and regular exercise program. I offer these services as well. You can learn more > Here.

Incredibooty™ Body Shaping Sweat Vest

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