Tia Robertson - Ceo/Founder of the BootyStore.shop


Since 2002 I have been heavily invested and interested in the fitness world. I've played numerous sports while in grade school and also while attending college. Once I moved on from school sports, I joined the nearest gym in the neighborhood that I was living. While working out I noticed there would be numerous women wanting to talk and discuss my fitness regime and lifestyle. They asked for advice about losing/gaining weight, muscle building, toning, meal prepping, and anything else that you could imagine about being more healthy. I would happily advise and give my honest suggestion based on my lifestyle. So, fast forward, I studied and decided to became a certified ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Personal Fitness Trainer in 2014.  As a certified personal trainer and a specialist in healthy nutrition for adults, I have personally trained and advised clients from ages 8 to 89 years old. I enjoy working with clients of all ages and I have numerous testimonials from satisfied clients. 

A little bit about my childhood history, as a young child, I was severely burned in a house fire and suffered from permanent scarring. My grandmother saved my brothers and I, but later collapsed from the smoke inhalation and died. Although, my grandmother did not make it, I was saved.  After witnessing this unconditional love at an early age, I came to realize early on that there is no love like the love of sacrificing your life to SAVE ANOTHER'S. My passion in fitness and health is not only to show my faith in God, but to inspire others and hopefully save a few of lives of my own through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


My goal is to continue to be an example to women all over the world through my company's products and services that I myself continue to use on a daily basis to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  We are truly honoring God when we take care of and cherish the body he has given us.  Let me help you elevate your gift from God and personal temple (your body) by continuing to enhance and make it stronger. This is my purpose and I live it every day. "Fitness is life" and I hope that you will consider joining my team! Are you ready to put in the work to build the booty & body that you want? 

Thank you for your support, acknowledgment and appreciation.